53Wireless Networks
Uploading Pictures
RThe r WIRELESS TRANSFER menu can also be displayed by pressing the W
RPictures can also be uploaded to devices running the FUJIFILM Photo Receiver app.
RBe sure that the battery is charged before beginning upload. Do not remove the
battery, turn the camera off, or remove the memory card until upload is complete.
RIf you are unable to upload still pictures, check the smartphone’s settings.
RPersonal information may be revealed by the titles, dates, location data, and other
information included with pictures. Verify the destination before beginning upload.
RThe time needed for upload varies with file size and the distance to the destination.
At default settings (recommended), ON is selected for r WIRELESS SETTING>
RESIZE IMAGE FOR SMARTPHONE H (P 90) and images are resized to H for
RThe camera may be unable to upload images created or modified on other devices.
RMovies can not be uploaded using the SEND INDIVIDUAL IMAGE and SEND
RUpload may not succeed depending on signal quality.
RThe camera will end the connection to the smartphone automatically if no
operations are performed for a set period.
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