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N Using the Flash (Intelligent Flash)
R If the flash will fire, p will be displayed when the shutter button is pressed halfway
(if the icon blinks yellow, the flash charging; wait for charging to complete before
shooting). At slow shutter speeds, k will appear in the display to warn that pictures
may be blurred; use of a tripod is recommended.
RThe flash may fire several times with each shot. Do not move the camera until
shooting is complete.
RThe flash may cause vignetting.
Red-Eye Removal Red-Eye Removal
When Intelligent Face Detection (P 35) and red-eye removal (P 83) are
on, red-eye removal is available in auto (K; RED EYE REDUCTION), flash
on (L; FORCED FLASH), and slow sync (M; RED EYE & SLOW) modes.
Red-eye removal minimizes “red-eye caused when light from the flash is
reflected from the subject’s retinas as shown in the illustration at right.
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