Product Features and Precautions for Use
After UseAfter Use
Perform the following steps after using the camera underwater or in locations where foreign
matter might adhere to the camera body.
1 Securely close the battery-chamber cover and rinse the camera
under the tap or leave it in a basin of fresh water for about ten
2 Remove water from the camera with a soft, dry cloth and leave it to dry in a well-ventilated
location in the shade.
3 After confirming that the camera has dried and is free of water droplets, open the battery-
chamber cover and use a soft, dry cloth to remove any water, dust, or other foreign matter
from the battery chamber.
QRemove any foreign matter from the water-resistant seal and adjacent surfaces. Foreign
matter could damage the seal, lowering water resistance.
QLiquid soaps, detergents, alcohol, and other cleansers may affect water resistance and should
never be used.
QAfter use, remove water droplets and foreign matter with a dry cloth, firmly latch the battery-
chamber cover, and soak the camera in fresh water for about ten minutes. Dry the camera
thoroughly after removing it from the water.
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