Product Features and Precautions for Use
QThe front surface of the camera lens is protected by a sheet of glass. Foreign matter on the
glass will appear in photographs; keep the glass clean at all times.
QBe sure that the battery-chamber is fully latched. The presence of water, mud, or sand in the
camera could cause malfunction.
QDo not open or close the battery-chamber cover with wet hands or in locations that are dusty,
sandy, or near water, for example while on or by a body of water.
QBe sure the camera is completely dry before inserting or removing batteries or memory cards
or connecting the USB or HDMI cable.
QThe camera does not float. Be sure to attach the strap and keep it around your wrist when
using the camera.
During UseDuring Use
QRestrict underwater use to depths of 15 m (49ft.) or less and periods shorter than 120 minutes.
Clean and dry the camera within one hour of using it underwater.
QThe interior of the camera is not waterproof. Do not open or close the battery-chamber cover
while under water. After cleaning the camera, be sure it is completely dry before opening or
closing the battery-chamber cover.
QDo not use in hot springs or heated pools.
QThe camera may lose water resistance if subjected to excessive force or vibration. Do not dive
into water with the camera or otherwise subject it to excessive force. In the event the camera
is subjected to strong physical shocks, contact your retailer or a FUJIFILM-authorized repair
QIf the camera is left on the sand, its temperature may exceed operating limits and sand may
get into the speaker or microphone.
QSunscreen, suntan lotion, or other oily substances may discolor the camera body and should
be removed with a damp cloth.
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