Product Features and Precautions for UseProduct Features and Precautions for Use
Water, Dust, and Shock ResistanceWater, Dust, and Shock Resistance
QThe camera complies with JIS Class 8 water resistance and JIS Class 6 (IP68) dust resistance
standards, and has passed FUJIFILM drop tests (drop height: 2.0 m/6.5 ft.; impact surface:
plywood, thickness 5cm/2.0in.) compliant with MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5: Shock. These
results were obtained through in-house testing and are not a blanket guarantee of water
resistance or invulnerability to damage or destruction. The accessories supplied with the
camera are not water resistant.
Before Use Before Use
1 Inspect the water-resistant seal and adjacent surfaces and remove
any dust, sand, or other foreign matter using a soft, dry cloth.
QHave the water-resistant seal replaced if it is deformed or
otherwise damaged (note that a fee is charged for this service;
contact your retailer or a FUJIFILM-authorized repair technician for
more information). Failure to replace the seal could result in leaks
and damage to the camera.
2 Holding the battery-chamber cover closed against the
camera body (q), rotate the latch until it clicks into place
(w), indicating that the cover is secure.
3 Check that the cover is secure by rotating the latch in the opposite direction and confirming
that the cover does not open.
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