The Setup Menu
U U DATE STAMP DATE STAMP ((default: default: OFF)OFF)
Stamp the time and/or date of recording on photographs as they are taken.
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
RR++SSStamp new photographs with the date and time of recording.
RRStamp new photographs with the date of recording.
OFFOFF Do not stamp the time and date on new photographs.
QTime and date stamps can not be deleted. Turn U DATE STAMP off to prevent time and date
stamps appearing on new photographs.
QIf the camera clock is not set, you will be prompted to set the clock to the current date and
time (P 19).
QWe recommend that you turn the DPOF “print date” option off when printing images with a
time and date stamp (P 65).
QTime and date stamps do not appear on movies, panoramas, or 3D photos.
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