Viewing Pictures on a Computer
If a memory card containing a large number of images
is inserted, there may be a delay before the software
starts and you may be unable to import or save im-
ages. Use a memory card reader to transfer pictures.
Make sure that the computer does not display a mes-
sage stating that copying is in progress and that the
indicator lamp is out before turning the camera off or
disconnecting the USB cable (if the number of imag-
es copied is very large, the indicator lamp may remain
lit after the message has cleared from the computer
display). Failure to observe this precaution could re-
sult in loss of data or damage to the memory card.
Disconnect the camera before inserting or removing
memory cards.
In some cases, it may not be possible to access pictures
saved to a network server using the supplied software
in the same way as on a standalone computer.
The user bears all applicable fees charged by the
phone company or Internet service provider when
using services that require an Internet connection.
Disconnecting the Camera
After confirming that the indicator lamp is out, follow
the on-screen instructions to turn the camera off and
disconnect the USB cable.
Uninstalling the Supplied Software
Only uninstall the supplied software when it is no
longer required or before beginning reinstallation.
After quitting the software and disconnecting the
camera, open the control panel and use “Programs
and Features” (Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows
Vista) or “Add or Remove Programs” (Windows XP)
to uninstall MyFinePix Studio. Under Windows, one
or more confirmation dialogs may be displayed; read
the contents carefully before clicking OK.
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