Viewing Pictures on a Computer
Importing pictures or movies to Mac
Use a standard application in Mac OS such as Im-
age Capture to import pictures or movies to Mac.
Connecting the Camera
1 If the pictures you wish to copy are stored on a
memory card, insert the card into the camera
(P 12).
Windows users may require the Windows CD when
starting the software for the first time.
Loss of power during transfer could result in loss of
data or damage to the memory card. Charge the
battery before connecting the camera.
2 Turn the camera off and connect the supplied
USB cable as shown, making sure the connec-
tors are fully inserted. Connect the camera di-
rectly to the computer; do not use a USB hub
or keyboard.
3 Press the a button for about a second to
turn the camera on. After starting MyFinePix
Studio, follow the on-screen instructions to
copy pictures to the computer. To exit without
copying pictures, click Cancel.
For more information on using the supplied soft-
ware, start the application and select the appro-
priate option from the Help menu.
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