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k PhotoBook Assist
8 Press MENU/OK. The new book will be
added to the list in the photobook
assist menu.
Photobooks can contain up to 300 pictures.
Books that contain no photos are automatically
Photobooks can be copied to a computer using the
supplied MyFinePix Studio software.
Viewing PhotoBooks
Highlight a book in the photobook assist menu
and press MENU/OK to display the book, then press
the selector left and right to scroll through the
pictures. Press DISP/BACK to return to the photo-
book assist menu.
Editing and Deleting PhotoBooks
1 Display the photobook and press
MENU/OK to view book edit options.
2 Choose from the following options:
EDIT: Edit the book as described in “Creating a
PhotoBook” on page 60.
ERASE: Delete the current photobook.
3 Follow the on-screen instructions.
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