More on Playback
Playback Options
To view the most recent picture in the monitor,
press the a button.
Press the selector right to view pictures
in the order recorded, left to view pic-
tures in reverse order. Keep the selector
pressed to scroll rapidly to the desired
Pictures taken using other cameras are indicated by a
m (“gift image”) icon during playback.
Playback Zoom
Select T to zoom in on pictures displayed in sin-
gle-frame playback; select W to zoom out. When
the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used
to view areas of the image not currently visible in
the display.
Navigation window
shows portion of image
currently displayed in
Zoom indicator
Press DISP/BACK to exit zoom.
The maximum zoom ratio varies with image size.
Playback zoom is not available with copies resized or
cropped to a size of a or smaller.
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