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For natural colors, select DWHITE BALANCE in the shooting menu and choose a setting that match-
es the light source.
Option Description
AUTO White balance adjusted automatically.
hMeasure a value for white balance.
iFor subjects in direct sunlight.
jFor subjects in the shade.
kUse under “daylight” fluorescent lights.
lUse under “warm white” fluorescent lights.
mUse under “cool white” fluorescent lights.
nUse under incandescent lighting.
If AUTO does not produce the desired results (for
example, when taking close-ups), select h and
measure a value for white balance or choose the
option that matches the light source.
At settings other than h, auto white balance is used
with the flash. Lower the flash (P 42) to take pictures
at other settings.
Results vary with shooting conditions. Play pictures
back after shooting to check colors in the monitor.
h: Custom White Balance
Choose h to adjust white balance for unusual
lighting conditions. White balance measurement
options will be displayed; frame a white object so
that it fills the monitor and press the shutter but-
ton all the way down to measure white balance.
If “COMPLETED!” is displayed, press MENU/OK to set
white balance to the measured value. This value
can be reselected by pressing MENU/OK when cus-
tom white balance options are displayed.
If “UNDER” is displayed, raise exposure compensa-
tion (P 53) and try again.
If “OVER” is displayed, lower exposure compensa-
tion and try again.
To give a deliberate color cast to your photographs,
measure a value for custom white balance using a col-
ored instead of a white object.
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