J Using the Self-Timer
The camera offers a ten-second timer that allows photographers to appear in their own photographs,
and a two-second timer that can be used to avoid blur caused by the camera moving when the shutter
button is pressed.
1 Set the timer.
Press the selector down (h), and then press the selector left or right to highlight an option and
press MENU/OK.
Choose from
OFF (self-timer off),
S (10 s delay), or
R (2 s delay)
2 Focus.
Press the shutter button halfway to focus.
Stand behind the camera when using the shutter button. Standing in front of the lens can inter-
fere with focus and exposure.
3 Start the timer.
Press the shutter button the rest of the way down to start the tim-
er. The display shows the number of seconds remaining until the
shutter is released. To stop the timer before the picture is taken,
press DISP/BACK.
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