Shooting Mode
Take two shots from different angles to create a
3D image.
1 To choose the order in
which the pictures are tak-
en, press the selector right
to display the current order
and then press the selector
left or right to choose from the options below.
G: Take the left shot first.
H: Take the right shot first.
2 Press the shutter button to take the first shot.
To exit without recording a picture, press DISP/BACK.
3 The first shot will be shown superimposed on
the view through the lens. Using it as a guide,
frame the second shot and press the shutter
release button.
The 3D effect may
not be visible with
some subjects or
under some shoot-
ing conditions. For best results, the distance the
camera is moved between shots should be about
1/30th to 1/50th of the distance to the subject.
The camera will turn off automatically if no op-
erations performed for the time selected for
M AUTO POWER OFF (P 106). The first shot will
not be saved if the second shot is not taken before
the camera turns off.
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