Basic Photography and Playback
Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
3 Check the battery level.
Check the battery level in the display.
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Indicator Description
D (white) Battery partially discharged.
C (white) Battery more than half discharged.
B (red) Low battery. Charge as soon as possible.
A (blinks red) Battery exhausted. Turn camera o and
charge battery.
A battery warning may not be displayed before
the camera turns off, particularly if batteries are
reused after having once been exhausted. Power
consumption varies greatly from mode to mode;
the low battery warning (B) may not be dis-
played or may be displayed only briefly before
the camera turns off in some modes or when
switching from shooting to playback mode.
4 Frame the picture.
Use the zoom control or side lever to frame
the picture in the display.
Select W to zoom out Select T to zoom in
Zoom indicator
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