Basic Photography and Playback
Taking Pictures in M (Scene Recognition) Mode
This section describes how to take pictures in M mode.
1 Turn the camera on.
Slide the G switch to turn the camera
2 Select M mode.
Rotate the mode dial to M.
In this mode, the camera au-
tomatically analyzes the com-
position and selects a scene
according to shooting condi-
tions and the type of subject
(the scenes in brackets are
selected if the camera detects
that the subject is moving):
b (a) (PORTRAIT): Human portrait subject.
c (cc) (LANDSCAPE): Man-made or natural landscape.
d (cd) (NIGHT): Poorly-lit landscape.
e (ce) (MACRO): Subject close to camera.
bd (ad) (NIGHT PORTRAIT): Poorly-lit portrait subject.
g (b) (BACKLIT PORTRAIT): Back-lit portrait subject.
a (c) (AUTO) is selected if none of the above are detected.
Selected scene
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