Inserting the Battery and a Memory Card
Remove dirt from the battery terminals with a clean,
dry cloth. Failure to observe this precaution could
prevent the battery from charging.
Do not affix stickers or other objects to the battery.
Failure to observe this precaution could make it im-
possible to remove the battery from the camera.
Do not short the battery terminals. The battery could
Read the cautions in “Power Supply and Battery”
(P vi).
Use only battery chargers designated for use with the
battery. Failure to observe this precaution could re-
sult in product malfunction.
Do not remove the labels from the battery or attempt
to split or peel the outer casing.
The battery gradually loses its charge when not in
use. Charge the battery one or two days before use.
Removing the Battery and Memory Card
Before removing the battery or memory card, turn
the camera off and open the battery-chamber cover.
To remove the battery, press the
battery latch to the side, and
slide the battery out of the cam-
era as shown.
Battery latch
To remove the memory card,
press it in and release it slowly.
The card can then be removed
by hand. When a memory card
is removed, the card could come out of the slot too
quickly. Use your finger to hold it and gently release
the card.
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