The Setup Menu
Format a memory card. Highlight OK and press
MENU/OK to begin formatting.
All data—including protected pictures—will be de-
leted. Be sure important files have been copied to a
computer or other storage device.
Do not open the battery cover during formatting.
Choose an option other than OFF to display pic-
tures in the monitor after shooting. Pictures can
be displayed for 1.5 s (1.5 SEC), 3 s (3 SEC), or until
the MENU/OK button is pressed (ZOOM (CONTIN-
UOUS)). If ZOOM (CONTINUOUS) is selected,
photos can be zoomed in to check focus and
other fine details (see page 56). Note that ZOOM
(CONTINUOUS) is disabled in continuous shoot-
ing mode (P 50), and that the colors displayed
at settings of 1.5 SEC and 3 SEC may differ from
those in the final picture.
When the picture is zoomed in, the selector can
be used to view areas of the image not currently
visible in the display.
When the picture was taken with g FACE DE-
TECTION turned on, detected face is zoomed.
When more than one face was detected, you can
move to the next face by pressing f.
ZOOM (CONTINUOUS) is disabled in the follow-
ing case:
C / B is selected in the shooting mode.
An option other than OFF is selected for
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