The Setup Menu
When travelling, use this option to switch the camera clock instantly from your home time zone to the
local time at your destination.
1 Specify the difference between local time
and your home time zone.
1.1 Press the selector up or down
to highlight g LOCAL.
1.2 Press the selector right to dis-
play the time difference.
1.3 Press the selector left or right
to highlight +, , hours, or min-
utes; press up or down to edit.
1.4 Press MENU/OK when settings
are complete.
2 Switch between local time and your home
time zone.
To switch between local time and your
home time zone, highlight g LOCAL or
h HOME and press MENU/OK.
h HOME: Switch to the time currently se-
lected for F DATE/TIME (P 17).
g LOCAL: Switch to local time. If this option
is selected, g and the time and date will
be displayed in yellow for three seconds
each time the camera is turned on.
12 /31 /2050 10 : 00
After changing time zones, check that the
date and time are correct.
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