Using the Menus: Playback Mode
Using the Playback Menu
1 Press the a button to enter play-
back mode.
2 Press MENU/OK to display the play-
back menu.
3 Press the selector up or down to
highlight the desired menu item.
4 Press the selector right to display op-
tions for the highlighted item.
5 Press the selector up or down to
highlight the desired option.
6 Press MENU/OK to select the high-
lighted option.
Playback Menu Options
The following options are available:
Option Description
k PHOTOBOOK ASSIST Create books from your favorite photos
(P 60).
b IMAGE SEARCH Search for pictures by date, subject,
scene, file type, or rating (P 62).
A ERASE Delete all or selected pictures (P 63).
i MOVIE EDIT Edit movies (P 89).
j MARK FOR UPLOAD Select pictures for upload to YouTube
or FACEBOOK (P 90).
I SLIDE SHOW View pictures in a slide show (P 92).
B RED EYE REMOVAL Create copies with reduced red eye
(P 93).
D PROTECT Protect pictures from accidental dele-
tion (P 94).
G CROP Create cropped copies of pictures
(P 95).
O RESIZE Create small copies of pictures (P 96).
C IMAGE ROTATE Rotate pictures (P 97).
ECOPY Copy pictures from internal memory to
a memory card (P 98).
Select pictures for printing on DPOF-
and PictBridge-compatible devices
(P 71).
J DISP. ASPECT Choose how High Definition (HD) de-
vices display pictures (P 98).
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