Mic features
The mic orientation can be changed, allowing the use of two stereo recording techniques with
different characteristics.
X/Y technique
This technique uses two crossing directional mics.
Providing a three-dimensional sound with natural depth and width, this is ideal when you
want to capture a specific sound source that is nearby or at a medium distance, for ex-
ample, solo performances, chamber music, live rehearsals and field recordings.
A/B technique
This technique uses two spread-apart directional mics.
Providing a wide sense of stereo, in addition to recording the specific sound source, this
technique is ideal for also capturing the sound of the surrounding environment.
This is useful when you also want to record the reverb of a hall, as well as for meetings or
similar situations where you want to capture the sound of people talking in different areas
of the room.
Mic overview
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