Carefully read the following warnings in order to avoid serious injuries, burns, fires and other problems
caused by leaking, heat generation, combustion, rupture or accidental swallowing.
Do not charge the Zoom BT-02 lithium-ion battery in any other than by using a in combination with either
a Zoom AD-17 AC adapter (sold separately) or USB port, or by using a Zoom LBC-1 lithium battery charger (sold
Do not disassemble the battery, put it in fire, or heat it in a microwave or conventional oven.
Do not leave the battery near a fire, in strong sunlight, inside a vehicle that has become hot or in similar condi-
tions. Do not recharge in conditions like these.
Do not carry or store the battery with coins, hairpins or other metal objects.
Do not allow the battery to come in contact with any liquid, including water, seawater, milk, soft drinks or soapy
water. Do not charge or use a battery that is wet.
Do not hit the battery with a hammer or other object. Do not step on it or drop it. Do not otherwise impact or ap-
ply force to the battery.
Do not use the battery if it becomes deformed or damaged.
Do not remove or damage the outer seal. Never use a battery that has had all or part of its outer seal removed or
a battery that has been torn.
Please recycle batteries to help conserve resources. When discarding used batteries, always cover their terminals and
follow all laws and regulations that are applicable to the location.
The contents of this document and the specifications of the product may be changed without notice.
Warnings and requests regarding safe battery use
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