Interference with other electrical equipment
In consideration of safety, the has been designed to minimize its emission of electromagnetic waves and to
suppress interference from external electromagnetic waves. However, equipment that is very susceptible to interfer-
ence or that emits powerful electromagnetic waves could result in interference if placed nearby. If this occurs, place
the and the other device farther apart.
With any type of electronic device that uses digital control, including the , electromagnetic interference
could cause malfunction, corrupt or destroy data and result in other unexpected trouble. Always use caution.
Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the unit if it becomes dirty. If necessary, use a damp cloth that has been
wrung out well to wipe it.
Never use abrasive cleansers, wax or solvents such as alcohol, benzene or paint thinner.
Breakdown and malfunction
If the unit becomes broken or malfunctions, immediately disconnect the AC adapter, turn the power off and discon-
nect other cables. Contact the store where you bought the unit or ZOOM service with the following information:
product model, serial number and specific symptoms of breakdown or malfunction, along with your name, address
and telephone number.
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Usage Precautions
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