In this User Guide, symbols are used to highlight warnings and cautions that you must read to prevent
accidents. The meanings of these symbols are as follows.
Something that could cause serious injury or death.
Something that could cause injury or damage to the equipment.
Other symbols used
An action that is mandatory.
An action that is prohibited.
Operation using an AC adapter
Never use any AC adapter other than a ZOOM AD-17 (sold separately).
Do not do anything that could exceed the ratings of outlets and other electrical wiring equipment.
Do not open the case or modify the product.
Product handling
Do not drop, bump or apply excessive force to the unit.
Be careful not to allow foreign objects or liquids to enter the unit.
Operating environment
Do not use in extremely high or low temperatures.
Do not use near heaters, stoves and other heat sources.
Do not use in very high humidity or where it could be splashed by water.
Do not use in places with frequent vibrations.
AC adapter handling
When disconnecting the power plug, always pull on the plug itself, not the cable.
When not using the unit for extended periods, disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
Do not use at a loud volume for long periods of time.
You might need this User Guide in the future. Always keep it in a place where you can access it easily.
Safety Precautions
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