Make settings related to the system.
1. Touch
on the Menu screen.
2. Touch the item that you want to set in the submenu.
to change the display and show hidden
3. After completing the setting, touch .
Setting Explanation
Set Date/Time Set the date and time of the internal clock. (See "Setting the date and time" on page 15)
HDMI Out Set the format of the video output from the HDMI port. Select NTSC or PAL.
Beep Set whether the recorder makes sounds when it is turned on or operated. Select Off,
Small or Large.
Auto Power Off Set to turn off automatically if not used for a certain amount of time. This setting has
no effect during recording or when an AC adapter is connected. Select Off or 2, 5 or 10
Play Mode Set whether all files are played continuously or only the selected file is played. Select
Play One or Play All.
Playback Lvl Meter Set whether or not level meters are shown on the playback screen.
SD Card Check the amount of open space on the SD card or format the card. (See "Formatting SD
cards" on page 16.)
Reset Restore the to its factory default settings.
Information View the firmware version.
Direct Monitor Set whether the input sound is monitored directly when used as a USB mic. This can
only be selected during use as a USB mic.
System settings
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