Using as a web camera (computer)
The can be used as a web camera to input audio and video to a computer.
1. Select the as the video source in the computer
application to use it as a camera.
2. To end use, touch
on the menu screen, and discon-
nect the USB cable.
Delay setting
When using the as a web camera with a streaming application that does not have a lip syn-
chronization function, you can set an audio delay time so that it matches the timing of the video.
1. Touch
on the screen.
2. In the submenu, touch and to adjust the audio de-
lay time.
The delay time can be set from 0–1000 ms.
To use as a web camera, an audio driver must be downloaded from the ZOOM website (www.zoom.
co.jp) and installed on the computer.
can simultaneously transmit video with resolutions up to HD720p and 48 kHz/16-bit
PCM audio to a computer.
Computer playback signals cannot be output from the
When being used as a web camera, the SETTING menu cannot be used.
USB connections (continued)
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