You can use the as a card reader or USB mic, as well as a web camera for streaming audio
and video.
Using USB connection functions
1. Touch
on the Menu screen.
This opens the USB menu.
2. Touch the icon for the function you want to use.
3. If you selected CARD READER or USB MIC, touch PC/MAC
or iPad in the submenu to select the connected device.
4. Touch the function you want to use on the confirmation
5. Use a USB cable to connect a computer or an iPad.
When the is recognized, it will be ready to use.
6. To end a USB connection, conduct the final operation
for the function and then touch Yes on the confirmation
This turns the power OFF.
When connected to a computer, power can be supplied to the
by USB. When connected to
an iPad, power cannot be supplied to the by USB.
An iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately) is necessary to connect an iPad.
USB connections
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