Headphones/line output
You can listen to the audio with headphones or an external audio amplifier.
1. Connect headphones or audio equipment to the
headphones jack using a stereo mini plug cable.
2. Start video playback on the .
HDMI output
Use an HDMI cable to show video recordings in high definition on an HDMI TV .
1. Connect the HDMI jack to a TV using an HDMI
cable (sold separately).
2. Start video playback on the .
has an HDMI Type D Micro connector. Be sure to use a High Speed HDMI (category 2)
cable that has an HDMI Type D Micro connector on one end to connect to the and a connec-
tor that matches the TV’s HDMI input on the other end.
Connecting or disconnecting an HDMI cable during recording will cause video and audio recording to
Some TVs do not support some audio formats, so correct playback might not always be possible.
Headphones/line output and HDMI output
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