Setting the mode
You can change the video recording mode, video recording frame rate, resolution and audio quality. In-
creasing the video and audio quality decreases the available recording time.
1. Touch
on the Menu screen.
2. Touch the item that you want to set in the submenu.
3. After completing the setting, touch to close the sub-
Mode explanations
Create: type of files created
Setting Explanation
MOV Record MOV files containing both video and audio.
STEREO AUDIO Save only audio as WAV or AAC files.
Video: video recording resolution and frame rate
Setting Resolution
Explanation File size
3M HD/30 24Mbps 2304 × 1296 30
Record video with a resolution higher than Full HD.
Use when you want to record at high resolution.
HD 1080/30 24Mbps 1920 × 1080 30 This is suitable for all kinds of video recording.
Record video with Full HD resolution.
HD 1080/30 16Mbps 1920 × 1080 30 Use when you want to record at Full HD
resolution for a longer time.
HD 720/60 15Mbps 1280 × 720 60 Use when you want to record subjects that
move quickly.
HD 720/30 8Mbps 1280 × 720 30 Use when you want to balance recording time
and resolution.
WVGA/60 8Mbps 800 × 480 60 Use when you want to record subjects that
move quickly for a long time.
WVGA/30 5Mbps 800 × 480 30 Use when you want to maximize recording
If PAL is selected for HDMI output, the frames/second options become 25 and 50. (See “System settings”
on page 39.)
Recording mode settings
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