4211-82-G 08-01-14 7014132 314 SKSM 104 K
For safety purpose sauna door
must open out and not lock.
Never use a wood stain, seal
or preservative on the inside of
your sauna room.
Light xtures get very hot
during operation. Locate light
xture where it will not be a
burn hazard.
Two metal placards are included in the Installation Instruction Envelope
packaged with every Amerec Sauna Heater. The CAUTION placard must be
attached to the interior wall of the sauna room directly above the heater
where it is visible to the bather. The WARNING placard must be attached to
the door of the sauna room.
The "CAUTION" and
"WARNING" placards must be
mounted in accordance with
Section 10.
For safety and reliability, the following rules must be addressed.
• No permanent locking or latch system is to be used on the sauna door. •
Acceptable door ttings are: magnetic catches, friction catches, spring or
gravity loaded closures. The door must always open outwards.
• No shower may be installed in a sauna room.
• No electrical receptacle shall be installed inside the sauna room.
• The enclosed WARNING: Reduce the risk of overheating … warning
plate must be mounted on or alongside the door outside the sauna room at
about eye level.
• The enclosed CAUTION: Reduce the risk of re … caution plate must be
mounted on the interior wall above the heater.
• The heater should not be operated without its container properly lled
with rocks and the rock guard in place.
• If an intercom speaker is installed, it should be away from the heater and
as close to the oor as possible.
• If a room light is installed, it should be a surface mounted bracket type.
Wall mounted lights should be about 70" above the oor. Ceiling mounted
lights should be of an approved type with a junction box that is remote to
the xture itself. Use only a xture that uses A.F. or xture type internal
wiring. A 60 watt bulb should provide sufcient lighting.
• Fire sprinkler systems installed inside any sauna room should be properly
rated for sauna room temperatures.
• Always mount the heater according to these installation instructions.
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