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VENTILATION In a sauna, the air should be changed about 6 times an hour. This can be achieved by making a vent
opening (fresh air inlet) in the sauna wall directly below the heater. The air outlet must be lower than the upper
benches, as far as possible from the heater and about two feet higher than the fresh air inlet vent, See Diagram 9.
It is recommended that ventilation openings meet the requirements of UL Specication 875. The minimum opening
should be determined using one of the following formulas:
For R< 31, V ³9.3
For R ³31, V ³0.3R
where R = the oor area of the room in square feet and
V = the minimum vent size in square inches
The sauna, like a bathroom, should be kept clean and odor free.
Towels or mats should always be used on benches and oor as perspiration otherwise penetrates the soft wood.
Air out the sauna often by keeping the door and vents open when the sauna is not in use. Saunas that are in daily
use should be washed down at least once a week to keep them clean and the air fresh. Duckboard should be
removed from the sauna, the sauna oor mopped and dried in a conventional manner, and the duckboard thoroughly
scrubbed and dried before returning to the sauna room. The sauna heater should be wiped down occasionally with a
damp cloth to remove lint and dust. The rocks should be removed once a year for cleaning and small or crumbled
rocks replaced.
To clean and remove perspiration stains, use soap or detergent in warm water, best applied with a scrub brush.
Badly soiled surfaces may require sanding. Sand paper wrapped around a wooden block works well.
Benches and supporting structure must be inspected annually for potential deterioration due to age, dry rot or
abuse. Any boards with signs of deteriorations should be replaced immediately to avoid possible injury.
No Heat - Check timer, refer to Section 7 and Diagram 4 about timer operation.
Control Timer Light is On but No Heat - Press (reset) the high limit switch on the bottom of heater.
Slow Heat Time or High Limit Tripping - Check rock placement, they will break down over time and reduce the air
ow in the heater. Refer to Diagram 10 for proper rock installation. Discard all rocks under the size of 2" peices. Call
the number below to order more rocks if needed.
For troubleshooting or service questions call 1-888-780-4427 and ask to speak with service. Prior to calling, please
have the Model and Type number available. You may also email us at
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