T100 Steamer Control
Operating Instructions Page 5
4209-53 08-02-11
To view the T100 display, simply touch the lower half of the glass screen. When you are used to using your control, you’ll fi nd
that movement near the switches will light the display without touching it in most circumstances. Be careful not to touch the
control near the OK switch - this may start or stop a steam bath before you are ready.
To navigate through the menus and their options:
Use the up and down arrow navigation keys to move through the menu items to
highlight the one you want, then press to select it.
To back up one step, press the key.
To return to the Main Menu from any menu, press the home key.
Note: at any time, pressing the switch will turn a low voltage room light on or off.
Select to start or stop the steam bath cycle
TEMPERATURE Select to change the steam bath temperature
TIME Select to change the bath run time or to set and activate the delayed start time
SETTINGS Select to go to the next menu level
STATUS DISPLAY Located at the bottom of the menu screen, the Status Displays shows when certain functions are on or off.
When the key is shown, the keyboard is locked
When the clock is shown Delayed Start is activated
When the light is shown, the room light is switched on
When the On/Off symbol is shown, the steam bath is running
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