T100 Steamer Control
Operating Instructions Page 10
4209-53 08-02-11
Technical Support
PO Box 2258
Woodinville, WA 98072
Phone 1-800-363-0251
FAX 425-951-1130
email: support@amerec.com
There are no user serviceable parts in the T100. If your T100 is not operating properly:
Check the cable between the control and the steam generaor.
• Make sure it is a shielded cable (plugs on both ends are covered with metal shells.)
• Make sure it is conected fi rmly at both ends.
• Make sure there are no staples through the cable or other damage.
• Check for corrosion on the connectors.
Check the steam Generator
• Is a green light blinking on the steamer’s circuit board?
• If not make sure the generator’s power is on and refer to the steamer’s
Installation Instructions for a troubleshooting guide.
Contact Technical Support for assistance.
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