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1. TEMPERATURE SENSOR CABLE ROUGH-IN Required if using only a K60 (KT60 not installed) The low voltage temperature sensor must be mounted in
the steam room if a KT60 will not be used. Do not mount directly over the steam dispersion head or near the door. The sensor should be located in a wall 6” (150
mm) below the ceiling but no more than 7ft (2,1 m) above the fl oor. String the sensor cable from the sensor location through 1/2:” (12 mm) holes in the wall studs
or ceiling joists to the generator location. Drill a clean 7/8: (22 mm) hole through the steam room wall at the sensor location. Leave 12” (305 mm) of slack at the
sensor location. See Figure 3.
Note: Do not staple through or damage cable. Use factory supplied cables only.
INSTALL THE TEMPERATURE SENSOR ASSEMBLY inside the steam room. A 7/8” (22 mm) hole
should already be in the steam room wall with the cable ready.
a) Carefully connect the sensor cable to the sensor. The cable end should slide into place and lock.
b) Run a light bead of silicone around the back surface of the sensor and slide it into the wall with the
metal sensor tube pointed down. Tape the sensor to the wall until the silicone has set-up.
c) Connect the steam generator end of the cable to the sensor jack on the steamer’s circuit board. See Figure 4 for the sensor jack location.
2. K60 or KT60 ROUGH-IN The low voltage K60 and KT60 controls can be mounted up to 25ft (7,6 m) from the generator. The K60 controls may be mounted
either inside or outside the steam room. The KT60 must be mounted inside the steam room so its built in temperature sensor will function.
Use a 2” (50 mm) hole saw to drill a hole in the fi nished wall where the control is to be mounted. String the 25ft (7,6 m) cable from the control location through ½”
(13mm) holes in the wall studs or ceiling joists to the generator. Optional for tile rooms: a rough-in box may be installed at the desired control mounting location.
Instructions and a mounting plate with the proper diameter mounting hole are included with the control kit. Tile up to the hole in mounting plate as indicated in
Figure 5.
Note: Do not staple through or damage cable. Use factory supplied cables only.
INSTALL K60 or KT60 CONTROL The low voltage K60 control can be mounted directly to a fi nished wall either inside or outside the steam room. The low volt-
age KT60 control must be mounted inside the steam room. See step 2 above. The control cable should already be roughed-in to this location.
a) With the decorative cover removed from the control switch assembly, insert the two control mounting screws through the control housing (you may need to
punch through skinned holes) and screw a few turns into the mounting bracket. Locate the control cable and plug it into the back of the control housing. See
Figure 5. Optionally, you may use silicone to mount the control.
b) Run a bead of 100% silicon caulk in-between the 2 ridges around the perimeter on the back of the control housing. See Figure 5.
c) If a bracket is not being used, insert the control in the wall hole, level it and tape in place until the silicone sets up. Go to step e.
If a bracket is being used, insert the mounting bracket into the wall cavity by fi rst pushing with the control housing and then with a hard fl at surface on the
control housing mounting screws which extend out through the control face. See Figure 5
If the mounting bracket is being used or if the screw holes are open, add a small amount of silicone to the screw holes to ensure they are sealed water tight.
d) Once the mounting bracket has been inserted into the fi nished wall, center the control and tighten the mounting screws to draw the control housing securely
against the fi nished wall. Do not over tighten the mounting screws. Add a little silicone over the screw heads to seal the screw holes.
e) Install the decorative cover plate by sliding the top of the cover plate over the tab on the top of the control housing and pushing on the bottom of the cover plate
to complete the snap fi t. See Figure 5.
f) Route the generator end of the control cable through a knockout in the end of the generator using the strain relief provided. Plug the control cable into the S60A
or S60B connector on the steamer’s circuit board. See Figure 4.
Note: for steam bath temperature control, a K60 and a wall mounted sensor or a KT60 (with built in sensor) must be installed. Only one KT60 may be
installed. You may combine two K60s or a K60 with a KT60.
OPTIONAL SECONDARY CONTROL : As an option, a second K60 control may be installed with a K60 or KT60 to provide controls both inside and outside the
steam room. The second control should be installed as described in above, with the second K60 control cable plugged into the second S60 connector.
7/8" (22 MM)
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