Where the MAINS plug or an appliance
coupler is used as the disconnect device,
the disconnect device shall remain readily
Use of controls or adjustments or performance of
procedures other than herein may result in hazardous
laser exposure or other unsafe operation.
Hearing safety
Listen at a moderate volume.
Using headphones at a high volume can
impair your hearing. This product can
produce sounds in decibel ranges that may
cause hearing loss for a normal person,
even for exposure less than a minute. The
higher decibel ranges are offered for those
that may have already experienced some
hearing loss.
Sound can be deceiving. Over time your
hearing 'comfort level' adapts to higher
volumes of sound. So after prolonged
listening, what sounds 'normal' can actually
be loud and harmful to your hearing. To
guard against this, set your volume to a safe
level before your hearing adapts and leave
it there.
To establish a safe volume level:
Set your volume control at a low setting.
Slowly increase the sound until you can
hear it comfortably and clearly, without
Listen for reasonable periods of time:
Prolonged exposure to sound, even
at normally 'safe' levels, can also cause
hearing loss.
and take appropriate breaks.
Be sure to observe the following guidelines
when using your headphones.
Listen at reasonable volumes for
reasonable periods of time.
Be careful not to adjust the volume as your
hearing adapts.
Do not turn up the volume so high that
you can't hear what's around you.
You should use caution or temporarily
discontinue use in potentially hazardous
The type plate is located on the back of the unit.
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