10 Troubleshooting
Never remove the casing of this unit.
To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair
the system yourself.
If you encounter problems when using this unit,
service. If the problem remains unsolved, go to
When you contact Philips, ensure that your
unit is nearby and the model number and serial
number are available.
No power
Make sure that the AC power plug of the
unit is connected properly.
Make sure that there is power at the AC
To save power, the unit switches to
standby automatically 10 minutes after
a play reaches the end and no control is
No sound or poor sound
Adjust the volume.
Check if the product is muted. If yes, press
to resume sound.
No response from the unit
Disconnect and reconnect the AC power
plug, then turn on the unit again.
Remote control does not work
select the correct source with the remote
control instead of the main unit.
Reduce the distance between the remote
control and the unit.
Insert the batteries with their polarities
Replace the batteries.
Aim the remote control directly at the
sensor on the front of the main unit.
No disc detected
Insert a disc.
Check if the disc is inserted upside down.
Wait until the moisture condensation at
the lens has cleared.
Replace or clean the disc.
device has exceeded a certain limit. This
phenomenon is not a malfunction.
USB device not supported
The USB device is incompatible with the
unit. Try another one.
Poor radio reception
Increase the distance between the unit and
other electrical appliances.
Adjust the position of the antenna for
better reception.
About Bluetooth device
The audio quality is poor after connection
with a Bluetooth-enabled device.
The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move the
device closer to this product or remove
any obstacle between them.
Cannot connect with the device.
The Bluetooth function of the device is not
enabled. Refer to the user manual of the
device for how to enable the function.
This product is already connected with
another Bluetooth-enabled device.
Disconnect that device and then try again.
The paired device connects and disconnects
The Bluetooth reception is poor. Move the
device closer to this product or remove
any obstacle between them.
For some devices, Bluetooth connection
may be deactivated automatically as a
power-saving feature. This does not indicate
any malfunction of this product.
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