If the USB device does not have enough memory to
With MP3-CD playback, you can only record all tracks
in the current folder.
Set the timer
If a timer is set, the product will be turned on
automatically after a preset time.
Make sure that clock is set correctly.
1 In standby mode, press and hold TIMER
for two seconds.
» [TIMER SET] is displayed, then a
prompt to select the sound source is
2 Press / repeatedly to select a sound
source: DISC, USB, FM, or AM.
3 Press TIMER
» [12H] or [24H] is displayed.
4 Press / to select 12 hour or 24 hour
5 Press TIMER
» In 12 hour format, [AM] or [PM] is
displayed. Repeat steps 4 to 5 to select
AM or PM. Then the hour digits begin
» In 24 hour format, the hour digits begin
6 Repeat steps 4 to 5 to set the hour,
minute, and the volume of the sound
» If the product is in standby or Eco
power standby mode, the selected
sound source will be activated when
the preset time comes.
To cancel timer setting, press .
During timer setting, if no action is taken within
90 seconds, the product exits timer setting mode
Activate or deactivate the timer
In standby mode, press TIMER repeatedly
to activate or deactivate the timer.
» If the alarm timer is activated, [TIMER
ON] is displayed.
» If the alarm timer is deactivated,
[TIMER OFF] is displayed.
Set sleep timer
When the product is turned on, press SLEEP
repeatedly to select a period of time (in
» The product switches to standby
mode automatically after the preset
time period.
» When [SLEEP OFF] 
is displayed, the sleep timer is
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