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5 Play audio
The product can stream music from your
Bluetooth device to the system through
Connect a device
Before pairing a device with this product, read its user
manual for Bluetooth compatibility.
The product can memorize a maximum of eight paired
Any obstacle between this product and a Bluetooth
device can reduce the operational range. Keep away
from any other electronic device that may cause
The operational range between this product and a
Option 1: Connect a device through
technology that enables short-range wireless
communication between various NFC
compatible devices, such as mobile phones and
IC tags.
If your Bluetooth device supports NFC, you can
connect it with this product easily.
1 Enable the NFC feature on your Bluetooth
2 Tap the NFC tag on the top of the product
with the NFC area of your Bluetooth
device until you hear a beep.
3 On your Bluetooth device, accept the
4 Follow the on-screen instructions to
complete the pairing and connection.
» After successful connection, [BT
CONNECTED] 
scrolls on the screen, and the product
beeps twice.
Option 2: Connect a device manually
1 Press SOURCE repeatedly to select [BT]
2 On your Bluetooth device, enable
Bluetooth and search for Bluetooth devices
that can be paired (see the user manual of
3 Select [Philips NX4] displayed on your
device for pairing.
» After successful connection, [BT
connected] 
on the screen, and the product beeps
Play from Bluetooth device
After successful Bluetooth connection, play
audio on the Bluetooth device.
» Audio streams from your Bluetooth
device to this product.
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