Overview of the speaker
a LED indicator
Indicate the battery or Bluetooth
connection status.
b Micro USB socket
Charge the speaker.
c Reset hole
Reset the speaker.
d /
Turn the speaker on or o.
Enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
Disconnect Bluetooth connection.
4 Get started
Always follow the instructions in this
chapter in sequence.
Turn on/o
To turn the speaker on, press and
hold / for two seconds.
» The LED indicator starts ashing.
» The speaker beeps.
To turn the speaker o, press and
hold / for two seconds again.
When there is no Bluetooth connection
for 15 minutes or the battery is at low level,
the speaker turns o automatically to save
Charge the built-in battery
It takes you approximately two hours to
fully charge the battery.
The micro USB socket is for charging only.
Rechargeable battery has a limited number
of charge cycles. Battery life and number of
charge cycles vary by use and settings.
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