Cautions on handling
•Before turning the power on
Check once again that all connections are correct and that there are
no problems with the connection cables.
•Power is supplied to some of the circuitry even when the unit is
set to the standby mode. When going on vacation or leaving home
for long periods of time, be sure to unplug the power cord from the
power outlet.
•About condensation
If there is a major difference in temperature between the inside of
the unit and the surroundings, condensation (dew) may form on
the operating parts inside the unit, causing the unit not to operate
If this happens, let the unit sit for an hour or two with the power
turned off and wait until there is little difference in temperature
before using the unit.
•Cautions on using mobile phones
Using a mobile phone near this unit may result in noise. If that
occurs, move the mobile phone away from this unit when it is in use.
•Moving the unit
Turn off the power and unplug the power cord from the power
outlet. Next, disconnect the connection cables to other system units
before moving the unit.
•About care
•Wipe the cabinet and control panel clean with a soft cloth.
•Follow the instructions when using a chemical cleaner.
•Benzene, paint thinner or other organic solvents as well as
insecticide may cause material changes and discoloration if brought
into contact with the unit, and should therefore not be used.
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