“Setup Assistant”, providing easy-to-follow setup
First select the language when prompted. Then simply follow the
instructions displayed on the TV screen to set up the speakers,
network, etc.
Easy to use, Graphical User Interface
This unit is equipped with an easy to see “Graphical User Interface”
that uses menu displays and levels. The use of level displays
increases operability of the this unit.
HDMI connectors enable connection to various
digital AV devices (input: 7, output: 3)
The unit is equipped with 7 HDMI input connectors for connecting
devices with HDMI connectors, such as a Blu-ray Disc player,
game machine, HD digital camcorder, etc.
Supports HDMI (3D, ARC, Deep Color, “x.v.Color”,
Auto Lip Sync, 4K) and HDMI control function
In addition to HDMI 3D and ARC (Audio Return Channel) functions,
this unit supports the video pass-through function, which outputs
video to TV without changing the video quality when video signals
of 4K (3840×2160 pixels) are input, and the GUI overlay function,
which overlays the menu screen (GUI) on the 4K video screen.
Simultaneous playback on two HDMI channels
This unit is equipped with two HDMI MONITOR outputs. You can
connect one output to a projector and the other output to a TV for
simultaneous signal outputs.
Direct play for iPod and iPhone via USB
Music data from an iPod can be played back if you connect the
USB cable supplied with the iPod via the iPod/USB port of this unit,
and also an iPod can be controlled with the remote control unit for
this unit.
Audyssey DSX®
This unit is equipped with Audyssey DSX® processor. By
connecting front height speakers to this unit and playing back
through Audyssey DSX®, you can experience a more powerful
playback expression in the height audio range. By connecting front
wide speakers, you can experience a more powerful playback
expression in the wide audio range.
This technology enables the playback of 2-channel source audio
or 7.1/5.1 multi-channel source audio through a maximum 11.1
channel speakers, achieving an even broader sound field.
Audyssey LFC™ (Low Frequency Containment)
Audyssey LFC™ solves the problem of low frequency sounds
disturbing people in neighboring rooms or apartments. Audyssey
LFC™ dynamically monitors the audio content and removes the
low frequencies that pass through walls, floors and ceilings. It then
applies psychoacoustic processing to restore the perception of low
bass for listeners in the room. The result is great sound that no
longer disturbs the neighbors.
Discrete subwoofers and Audyssey Sub EQ HT™
The unit has two subwoofer output capability and can adjust the
level and delay for each subwoofer individually.
Audyssey Sub EQ HT makes the integration seamless by first
compensating for any level and delay differences between the two
subwoofers and then applying Audyssey MultEQ® XT 32 to both
subwoofers together.
InstaPrevue Technology
Live picture-in-picture preview of HDMI input connected to an AV
MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) function
You can charge your mobile device that supports MHL by providing
power from this unit while outputting video from that mobile
device. You can also control mobile devices that support MHL
through this unit.
Basic version
Advanced version
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