Connecting an HDMI-compatible device
nHDMI control function (vpage102)
This function allows you to operate external devices from the unit and operate the unit from external
•The HDMI control function may not work depending on the device it is connected to and its settings.
•You cannot operate a TV or Blu-ray Disc player/DVD player that is not compatible with the HDMI control
•The HDMI ZONE4 function is compatible with the HDMI control function. To enable the HDMI control for
the ZONE4 HDMI monitor, set “Control Monitor” (vpage130) to “ZONE4”.
nAbout Content Type
This function was added with the HDMI standard. It automatically makes settings suitable for the video-
output type (content information).
To enable the Content Type, set “Video Mode” to “Auto” (vpage131).
nDeep Color (vpage193)
When a device supporting Deep Color is connected, use a cable compatible with “High Speed HDMI
cable” or “High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet”.
nAuto Lip Sync (vpage129, 193)
n“x.v.Color”, sYCC601 color, Adobe RGB color, Adobe YCC601 color
(vpage193, 195)
nHigh definition digital audio format
nARC (Audio Return Channel) (vpage10)
Copyright protection system
In order to play back digital video and audio such as BD-Video or DVD-Video via HDMI connection, both
this unit and TV or the player need to support the copyright protection system known as HDCP (High-
bandwidth Digital Content Protection System). HDCP is copyright protection technology comprised of
data encryption and authentication of the connected AV devices. This unit supports HDCP.
•If a device that does not support HDCP is connected, video and audio are not output correctly. Read
the owner’s manual of your television or player for more information.
Settings related to HDMI connections
Set as necessary. For details, see the respective reference pages.
nHDMI Setup (vpage129)
Make settings for HDMI video/audio output.
•Auto Lip Sync •Vertical Stretch •Pass Through Source
•HDMI Audio Out •HDMI Pass Through •Control Monitorz
•Video Output •HDMI Controlz•Power Off Control
z Only these items are supported for HDMI ZONE4.
To output audio signals that are input from the HDMI input connector to a TV connected via HDMI, set
“HDMI Audio Out” (vpage129) to “TV”.
Audio signals input via the Analog/Coaxial/Optical input connectors cannot be output from the HDMI
MONITOR output connector.
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