Connecting an HDMI-compatible device
You can connect up to ten HDMI-compatible devices (7-inputs/3-outputs) to the unit.
When a TV is connected to the HDMI ZONE4 OUT connector, you can play back a video or audio from the
device connected to the HDMI 1 – 6 IN connector in ZONE4 (vpage111).
If the device connected to this unit is equipped with an HDMI connector, it is recommended to use HDMI
connections. Connections with an HDMI cable offer the following benefits that can not be achieved with
other connection methods.
•High quality playback by transmitting audio and video via digital signals
HDMI connections can transmit high definition video and high quality audio formats adopted by Blu-
ray disc players (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, dts-HD, dts-HD Master Audio).
HDMI connections also convey information required for playback between devices. The information
is used for copyright protection and TV resolution recognition, the ARC function, the HDMI control
function, etc.
•Transmission of audio and video signals with a single HDMI cable
Previous connections require multiple audio and video cables, but HDMI connections require only a
single HDMI cable to transmit audio and video signals. This allows wires in a home theater system,
which tend to be complicated, to be more organized.
•Mutual control through the HDMI control function (vpage102)
This unit and the HDMI device connected via HDMI can be linked to perform operations such as
power control, volume control, and input source switching.
•Other video and audio functions, such as 3D video playback, Content Type, the ARC function,
are supported (vpage13).
•There is more than one version of HDMI standard. The supported functions and the performance vary
according to the version. This unit complies with the HDMI standard, supporting the ARC and 3D playback
functions. To enjoy these functions, the HDMI device connected to this unit also needs to use the same
version of the standard. For the version of the HDMI standard on the device connected to this unit, see
the device’s manual.
•Some TVs do not support audio input via HDMI connections. For details, see your TV’s manual.
nBefore connecting this unit to TV via HDMI connections (vpage10)
nConnecting this unit to a TV via HDMI connections (vpage11)
nConnecting this unit to video devices via HDMI connections (vpage12)
nHDMI function (vpage13)
nSettings related to HDMI connections (vpage14)
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