Important information
Converting input video signals for output (Video conversion function)
This unit is equipped with three types of video input connectors (HDMI, Component video and video) and three types of video output connectors
(HDMI, Component video and video).
This function automatically converts various formats of video signals input to this unit into the formats used to output the video signals from
this unit to a monitor.
GFlow of video signals for MAIN ZONEH
HDMI connector
HDMI signal HDMI signal
Component video
Component video
Video signal Video signal
Video connector
HDMI-compatible TV
HDMI connector
Component video
Component video
Component video
Component video
Video connector Video connector Video connector
HDMI connectorHDMI connector
: when 480i/576i signals are input
Video device
This unit
For example, when an HDMI-compatible TV is connected to this unit with an HDMI cable, input signals other than HDMI video signals are
automatically converted to HDMI signals that are then output from the HDMI connector to the TV. Only one type of video signals is output, so
video signals output from this unit to the TV do not change even when the source for playback is switched to a device that outputs video signals
in a different format, which allows you to continue with playback without the need to switch the video input source on the TV. Furthermore,
the video quality improves because analog video signals such as video and component video signals that are input to this unit are converted to
digital HDMI video signals with a higher resolution for output. When a TV does not support the HDMI connection, make an analog connection
between this unit and the TV for video signals. This unit cannot convert HDMI input signals to analog video signals, so when signals are input
from an HDMI device, use the component video input connector or video input connector. In this case, the component video signals that are
input to this unit are converted to video signals.
•If you do not want this unit to convert video signals automatically,
use the following setting item to disable this function.
“Video Conversion” (vpage131)
•If you want to change the resolution of video signals output to
the TV, use the following setting item to do so.
“Resolution” (vpage132)
Make Settings as Necessary
•The video conversion function supports the NTSC, PAL, SECAM,
NTSC 4.43, PAL-N, PAL-M and PAL-60 formats.
•Resolutions of HDMI-compatible TVs can be checked at “Video” –
“HDMI Monitor 1” or “HDMI Monitor 2” (vpage153).
•While signals are being upscaled to 4K, the menu screen is only
displayed on a TV that is connected to this unit via HDMI.
•When a non-standard video signal from a game machine or some
other source is input, the video conversion function might not
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Advanced version
Basic version
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