numbers vary by location.
Press the call key.3.
Give the necessary info as accurately as possible. Do not end the4.
call until given permission to do so.
You may also need to do the following:
Put a SIM card in the phone.
If your phone asks for a PIN code, type in the official emergency number for your
present location, and press the call key.
Switch the call restrictions off in your phone, such as call barring, fixed dialling, or
closed user group.
Take care of your device
Handle your device, battery, charger and accessories with care. The following
suggestions help you keep your device operational.
Keep the device dry. Precipitation,
humidity, and all types of liquids or
moisture can contain minerals that
corrode electronic circuits.
Do not use or store the device in
dusty or dirty areas.
Do not store the device in high
temperatures. High temperatures
may damage the device or battery.
Do not store the device in cold
temperatures. When the device
warms to its normal temperature,
moisture can form inside the device
and damage it.
Do not open the device other than as
instructed in the user guide.
Unauthorized modifications may
damage the device and violate
regulations governing radio devices.
Do not drop, knock, or shake the
device or the battery. Rough handling
can break it.
Only use a soft, clean, dry cloth to
clean the surface of the device.
Do not paint the device. Paint can
prevent proper operation.
Keep the device away from magnets
or magnetic fields.
To keep your important data safe,
store it in at least two separate
places, such as your device, memory
card, or computer, or write down
important info.
During extended operation, the device may feel warm. In most cases, this is normal.
To avoid getting too warm, the device may automatically slow down, close apps,
switch off charging, and if necessary, switch itself off. If the device is not working
properly, take it to the nearest authorised service facility.
Nokia 8110 4G User Guide
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