For buttons not explained here, see the page indicated in parentheses ( ).
qw e
W4 W5 W6 W7 W8 W9 E0 E1 E2 E3
r t y u i o Q0Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Q8 Q7 Q6Q9W0W1W2W3
q Power operation button
(ON/STANDBY) ·········································· (54)
w Power indicator ·········································· (54)
e Power switch (hON jOFF) ····················· (54)
r Headphones jack (PHONES) ······················ (54)
t INPUT MODE button ····························· (17, 64)
y SPEAKERS button ································ (25, 54)
u ZONE2 ON/OFF button ······························ (72)
i QUICK SELECT buttons ····························· (64)
o V. AUX INPUT connectors
Remove the cap covering the terminals when
you want to use them.
Q0 SETUP MIC jack ·········································· (25)
Q1 MENU button ·············································· (22)
Q2 RETURN button ·········································· (22)
Q3 SELECT/ENTER knob ································· (22)
Part Names and Functions
Front Panel
Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
• The SELECT/ENTER knob on the main unit
operates in the same way as the cursor o and p
buttons on the remote control unit.
• The control functions in the same way as the
cursor o button when turned counterclockwise,
as the cursor p button when turned clockwise.
• The control functions in the same way as the
ENTER button when pressed the knob.
Q4 Cursor buttons (ui) ································· (22)
Q5 MASTER VOLUME control knob ··············· (54)
indicator ······················································ (50)
Q7 HD AUDIO indicator ···································· (45)
Q8 Master volume indicator
Q9 Display
W0 Remote control sensor ································ (3)
W1 ZONE2/REC SELECT button ······················ (72)
W2 SOURCE SELECT knob ······························ (54)
W3 SOURCE button ·········································· (54)
W4 STATUS button ···································· (52, 57)
W5 DIMMER button ·········································· (37)
W6 RESTORER button ······································ (51)
W7 BAND button ·············································· (55)
W8 SHIFT button ··············································· (56)
W9 PRESET buttons ········································· (56)
E0 TUNING buttons ········································· (55)
E1 MULTEQ button ········································· (49)
E2 DYNAMIC VOLUME button ······················· (50)
b About Dynamic Volume
Audyssey Dynamic Volume™ solves the problem
of large variations in volume level between
television programs, commercials, and between
the soft and loud passages of movies.
Audyssey Dynamic EQ™ is integrated into
Dynamic Volume so that as the playback volume
is adjusted automatically, the perceived bass
response, tonal balance, surround impression,
and dialog clarity remain the same.
b About Dynamic EQ
Audyssey Dynamic EQ solves the problem of
deteriorating sound quality as volume is decreased
by taking into account human perception and
room acoustics. Audyssey Dynamic EQ works in
tandem with Audyssey MultEQ® to provide well-
balanced sound for every listener at any volume
E3 VIDEO SELECT button ······························· (39)
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