Last Function Memory
This stores the settings as they were directly before the standby
mode was set.
When the power is turned back on, the settings are restored to as
they were directly before the standby mode was set.
Backup Memory
The various settings are backed up for about 1 week, even if the
power is turned off or the power cord is disconnected.
Resetting the Microprocessor
Perform this procedure if the display is abnormal or if operations
cannot be performed.
When the microprocessor is reset, all the settings are reset to
their default values.
1Turn off the power using <POWER>.
2Press <POWER> while simultaneously pressing
3Once the display starts ashing at intervals of about 1
second, release the two buttons.
If in step 3 the display does not flash at intervals of about 1 second,
start over from step 1.
Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
Quick Select Function
With this function, the currently playing input source, input mode,
surround mode, MultEQ settings and volume can be stored in the
1Set the input source, surround mode, MultEQ,
Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, Front Speaker
settings and volume to the conditions you want to
2Press and hold the desired QUICK SELECT until
“Memory” appears on the display.
The current settings will be memorized.
To call out the settings, press QUICK SELECT at which the desired
settings were stored.
The Quick Select name can be changed (vpage 36).
Input sources stored with the quick select function cannot be selected
if they have been deleted at menu “Manual Setup” “Option Setup” –
“Source Delete” (vpage 36). In this case, store them again.
Input Source Volume
Quick Select 1 DVD –40 dB
Quick Select 2 TV/CBL –40 dB
Quick Select 3 VCR –40 dB
[Quick Select Defaults]
Personal Memory Plus Function
This function sets the settings (input mode, surround mode, HDMI
output mode, MultEQ, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume, audio delay
etc.) last selected for the individual input sources.
When you switch to an input source, the settings are automatically
set to the ones that were set the last time that input source was
The surround parameters, tone and the volumes of the different
speakers are stored for the individual surround modes.
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