Listening to Music
1Use ui to select the menu, then press ENTER or p
to select the music le to be played.
2Press ENTER or p.
Playback starts.
n Stopping playback temporarily
During playback, press ENTER or [1].
Press again to resume playback.
n Fast-forwarding or fast-reversing
During playback, either press and hold [6] (to fast-reverse) or
[7] (to fast-forward).
n To cue to the beginning of a track
During playback, either press [8] (to cue to the previous track) or
[9] (to cue to the next track).
n To stop
During playback, either press and hold ENTER or press [2].
n Playing repeatedly
Press [TUNING –].
[Selectable items] All One OFF
MENU : ”Input Setup” ”iPod” “Repeat” (vpage 42)
n Shuffling playback
Press [TUNING +].
When DENON control dock for iPod ASD-1R is
[Selectable items] Albums Songs OFF
MENU : ”Input Setup” ”iPod” “Shuffle” (vpage 43)
When DENON control dock for iPod ASD-3N/3W is
[Selectable items] ON OFF
• To check the name of the title, the artist or the album when playing
in browse mode, press <STATUS>.
• The folder name and the file name can be displayed in browse
mode. Only alphanumeric characters and certain symbols can be
displayed. Any characters that cannot be displayed are replaced with
“ . (period)”.
• The time for which the on-screen display are displayed can be set
at menu “Manual Setup” – “Option Setup” – “On-Screen Display”
– “iPod Information” (vpage 36).
Viewing Still Pictures or Videos on the
Photo and video data on the iPod can be viewed on the monitor.
Only for iPod equipped with slideshow or video functions. (When
using an ASD-1R)
1Press and hold [MODE] to set the Remote mode.
2Watching the iPod’s screen, use ui to select
“Photos” or “Videos”.
3Press [ENTER] until the image you want to view is
• “TV Out” at the iPod’s “Slideshow Settings” or “Video Settings”
must be set to “On” in order to display the iPod’s photo data or videos
on the monitor. For details, see the iPod’s operating instructions.
• When viewing an iPod video file, select “iPod” - “Video” in browse
mode. (When using an ASD-3N or ASD-3W)
• With the default settings, the iPod can be used connected to the
VCR (iPod) connector.
• Use the RESTORER mode to expand the low and high frequency
components of compressed audio files and achieve a richer sound.
The default setting is “Mode3” (vpage 51).
• Press <ON/STANDBY> or [OFF] and set the AVR-2309CI’s power to
the standby mode before disconnecting the iPod. Also switch the
input source to one to which the menu “iPod dock” is not assigned
before disconnecting the iPod.
• When using an ASD-3N or ASD-3W control dock for iPod, refer to
the respective manual to operate.
Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
4Press [MODE] and hold it down for a 2 seconds or
more to select the display mode.
To switch between modes, press and hold down the button.
When remote mode is active, “Remote” is displayed.
[Selectable mode] Browse mode Remote mode
Display location Main unit display
iPod display
Audio file S S
Video file S
control unit
iPod A S
* :
When using an ASD-3N or ASD-3W control dock for iPod.
• Depending on the type of iPod and the software version,
somefunctions may not operate.
• DENON will accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of iPod
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