Checking the SIRIUS Signal Strength
and Radio ID
1Either turn <SOURCE SELECT> or press [SAT TU 1/2]
to select “SIRIUS”.
2Press <STATUS> until “SIGNAL” appears on the
The display will switch as shown below, depending on the
reception conditions.
Display Status
EXCELLENT Signal strength is excellent
GOOD Signal strength is good
WEAK Signal strength is weak
NO SIGNAL No signal
3Adjust the position of the antenna until “SIGNAL:
EXCELLENT” is shown on the display.
4Press <STATUS> until the station you want to check
(example: “SR001”) is displayed.
5Press TUNING and select channel 0 (SR000).
Channel No. and Sirius ID are alternately shown on the display.
SR000 SiriusID
b Write your own SIRIUS ID for storage use.
Sirius ID :
Radio ID
The strength of both the SIRIUS and terrestrial signals can be checked
at menu “Input Setup” – “Antenna Aiming” (vpage 43).
Listening to SIRIUS Satellite Radio
1Either turn <SOURCE SELECT> or press [SAT TU 1/2]
to select “SIRIUS”.
(vpage 65 “Remote Control Unit Operations”)
3Use TUNING to select the station.
When the station is tuned in, the name of the track and artist
are displayed.
• The channel switches continuously when TUNING is pressed and
• SIRIUS Radio stations can be preset using the same procedure as
for FM/AM stations (vpage 56 “Presetting Radio Stations (Preset
Memory)” and “Listening to Preset Stations”).
b You cannot perform “Auto Preset”.
• The track name, artist name, composer name, category and reception
level can be checked by pressing <STATUS>.
• The time for which the on-screen display are displayed can be set
at menu “Manual Setup” – “Option Setup” – “On-Screen Display”
(vpage 36).
Basic Operation
What is SIRIUS Satellite Radio?
Simply The Best Radio on RadioTM with all your favorite entertainment
including 100% commercial-free music, plus superior sports coverage,
uncensored talk and comedy, world-class entertainment, news,
weather and more for your car, home or office. For more information
visit sirius.com or siriuscanada.ca
Sirius is available in the US for subscribers with addresses in the
continental US and is available in Canada for subscribers with a
Canadian address. Required subscription plus compatible SIRIUS tuner
and antenna are required and sold separately. SIRIUS Programming is
subject to change. Visit sirius.com for the most complete and up-to-
date channel lineup and product information. “SIRIUS” and the SIRIUS
dog logo and related marks are trademarks of Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
All rights reserved.
Searching Categories
1Press o p.
2Use o p to select the category, then use ui to select
the desired station.
Channel category
• “LOADING” is displayed while stations or data are being received.
• Refer to “Troubleshooting” “XM Satellite Radio regarding other
messages (vpage 85).
Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
1Press SHIFT to select the memory block (A to G).
2Press <PRESET> or [CHANNEL +/–] to select the
desired preset channel (1 to 8).
Listening to Preset Stations
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