Listening to XM Satellite Radio
About XM Radio
XM is North America’s number one satellite radio company, offering
an extraordinary variety of commercial-free music, plus the best in
premier sports, news, talk radio, comedy, children’s and entertainment
programming, broadcast in superior digital audio quality coast to coast.
For more information, or to subscribe, U.S. customers visit xmradio.
com or call XM Listener Care at 1-800- XMRADIO (1-800-967-2346);
Canadian customers visit xmradio.ca or call XM Listener Care at 1-877-
GETXMSR (1-877-438-9677).
XM Ready® Legal
XM monthly service subscription sold separately. XM Mini-Tuner and
Home Dock required (each sold separately) to receive XM service.
It is prohibited to copy, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer,
hack, manipulate or otherwise make available any technology or
software incorporated in receivers compatible with the XM satellite
Radio System. Installation costs and other fees and taxes, including a
one-time activation fee may apply. All fees and programming subject
to change. Channels with frequent explicit language are indicated with
an XL. Channel blocking is available for XM radio receivers by calling
1-800-XMRADIO (U.S. residents) and 1-877-GETXMSR (Canadian
residents). XM Service only available in the 48 contiguous United
States and Canada. ©2008 XM Satellite Radio Inc. All rights reserved.
XM Ready® Subscription
Once you have installed the XM Mini-Tuner Home Dock, inserted the
XM Mini-Tuner, connected the XM Mini-Tuner Home Dock to your
XM Ready® audio system, and installed the antenna, you are ready
to subscribe and begin receiving XM programming. There are three
places to find your eight character XM Radio ID: On the XM Mini-
Tuner, on the XM Mini-Tuner package, and on XM Channel 0. Record
the Radio ID below for reference.
The XM Radio ID does not use the letters “I”, “O”, “S” or
Activate your XM Satellite Radio service in the U.S. online at
http://activate.xmradio.com or call 1-800-XMRADIO (1-800-967-
2346). Activate your XM Satellite Radio service in Canada online at
https://activate.xmradio.ca or call 1-877-GET-XMSR (1-877-438- 9677).
You will need a major credit card. XM will send a signal from the
satellites to activate the full channel lineup. Activation normally takes
10-15 minutes, but during peak busy periods you may need to keep
your XM Ready audio system on for up to an hour. When you can
access the full lineup on your XM Ready audio system you are done.
1Press SHIFT to select the memory block (A to G).
2Press <PRESET> or [CHANNEL +/–] to select the
desired preset channel (1 to 8).
n Default settings
Auto tuner presets
A1 ~ A8 87.5 / 89.1 / 98.1 / 107.9 / 90.1 / 90.1 / 90.1 /
90.1 MHz
B1 ~ B8 520 / 600 / 1000 / 1400 / 1500 / 1710 kHz,
90.1 / 90.1 MHz
C1 ~ C8 90.1 MHz
D1 ~ D8 90.1 MHz
E1 ~ E8 90.1 MHz
F1 ~ F8 90.1 MHz
G1 ~ G8 90.1 MHz
Listening to Preset Stations
Presetting Radio Stations
(Preset Memory)
Your favorite broadcast stations can be preset so that you can
tune them in easily. Up to 56 stations can be preset.
1Tune in the broadcast station you want to preset.
2Press [MEMORY].
3Press SHIFT to select the block (A to G) in which the
station is to be preset.
4Press <PRESET> or [CHANNEL +/–] to select the
preset number (1 to 8).
5Press [MEMORY] again to complete the setting.
• To preset other stations, repeat steps 1 to 5.
• Stations can be preset automatically at menu “Input Setup” – “Auto
Preset” (vpage 39).
Preset stations are erased by overwriting them.
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