F Menu screen F
2.Manual Setup
2.HDMI Setup
1.Speaker Setup
4.ZONE2 Setup
5.Option Setup
3.Audio Setup
Audio Setup
Make settings for audio playback.
2.2ch Direct/Stereo
3.Dolby Digital Setup
4.Auto Surround Mode
5.EQ Preset
1.EXT.IN SW Level
2-3.Audio Setup
2ch Direct/Stereo
Make speaker settings for 2-channel mode playback.
To change the settings, select “Custom”.
[Selectable items]
Basic : Use the same settings as in “Speaker Setup”.
Custom : Make separate settings for 2-channel mode.
EXT. IN Subwoofer Level
Set the subwoofer level for playback.
[Selectable items] 0dB +5dB +10dB +15dB
We recommend setting to “+15dB”.
For details on how to select, set and cancel settings for each menu, see “Menu Operations” (vpage 22).
Subwoofer Mode
Select low range signal to be reproduced by subwoofer.
[Selectable items]
LFE LFE+Main : Select subwoofer signal.
Select crossover frequency from which subwoofer handles low range
[Selectable items]
40Hz 60Hz 80Hz 90Hz 100Hz 110Hz 120Hz 150Hz
200Hz 250Hz : Select crossover frequency.
Distance FL
Set distance from listening position to front left speaker.
[Variable range] 0.0ft ~ 60.0ft
Distance FR
Set distance from listening position to front right speaker.
[Variable range] 0.0ft ~ 60.0ft
Dolby Digital Setup
Set dynamic range for downmix playback of Dolby Digital
• Set this to “ON” if the sound from the front speakers seems
• When not using the center speaker or surround speakers, the
playback sound is down-mixed and output from the front speakers.
Auto Surround Mode
Make setting for memorizing surround mode setting for each
input signal type.
• The auto surround mode function lets you store in the memory the
surround mode last used for playing the four types of input signals
listed below.
q Analog and PCM 2-channel signals
w Dolby Digital and DTS 2-channel signals
e Dolby Digital and DTS multi-channel signals
r Multi-channel signals other than Dolby Digital and DTS (PCM,
When playing in the PURE DIRECT mode, the surround mode does
not change even if the input signal is changed.
[Selectable items]
ON : Memorize settings. Most recently stored surround mode is
automatically selected.
OFF : Do not memorize settings. Surround mode does not change
according to input signal.
Select front speaker size.
[Selectable items]
Large Small : Select front speaker size.
Select subwoofer use.
[Selectable items]
Yes No : Select subwoofer use.
Set the distance between the listening position and the various
speakers to no more than 20.0 ft (6.00 meters).
[Selectable items]
ON : Compression is used. Select this if sound from front
speakers is distorted.
OFF : Do not use compression. This is the recommended
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